28th Jun 2024

Facial Plastic Surgery Abroad: A Guide For International Patients

Welcome to Kensington Medical in London, a clinic offering world-class facial plastic surgery for international patients. We understand that selecting the right provider for facial plastic surgery abroad can be stressful and daunting. That's why we've created this guide to help you decide on the best way to receive care from our clinic.

You will find information about our procedures, the benefits of receiving treatment abroad, and what makes us the best choice for your needs. Keep reading to learn why overseas patients are looking for the best facial plastic surgeon in London.

Why Fly to the UK For Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery have become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. With innovative, industry-leading technology and highly skilled facial plastic surgeons, at Kensington Medical, we have the solution for you in London, UK. Here are some benefits of undergoing facial cosmetic or plastic surgery in the UK:

High-Quality Treatments

Patients seeking the best cosmetic treatments will recieve the VIP service they deserve when travelling overseas to for quality care in the UK. People recognise the UK for its innovative technology and highly trained professionals specialising in cosmetic procedures. Our facilities are state-of-the-art, and we provide safe 5-star hospitals, allowing patients to achieve their desired outcomes confidently. We offer exclusive services like special hotels for pre and post-operative recovery.

For additional peace of mind, many patients can also take advantage of preoperative consultations with surgeons before travelling abroad to London, UK. This ensures that our expert facial plastic surgeons have answered all the questions and addressed any concerns you may have.

World-class aftercare support is available following treatments. We can offer online patient support where experienced medical staff can quickly answer questions.

Top quality London Hospitals

London is renowned for its world-class hospitals, providing excellent quality care for all patients regardless of issue or illness. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, London hospitals offer the highest standards for both local and international patients alike, with VIP services available for those coming from abroad, making sure your trip is as comfortable as possible.

Kensington Medical prides itself on offering high-quality cosmetic procedures at its three premier locations: Consultation at 152 Harley Street, W1, and the procedure at New Victoria Hospital and The Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon, an upmarket location. These locations are all within easy reach of central London, providing quick and convenient access to the latest treatments. We have carefully chosen these hospitals for their excellent patient care and outstanding facilities, ensuring the best outcome possible.

Best UK Cosmetic Surgeons

The UK has some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world. Many surgeons, including our outstanding team at Kensington Medical, have years of experience assisting people with various procedures, ranging from simple blepharoplasty to full-face facelift, neck lift and rhinoplasty. When you choose Kensington Medical for your cosmetic needs, our team of top plastic surgeons have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with the best results.

Holiday and Recover Together

What better way to enjoy a recovery period than with a bit of exploration? While undergoing a procedure may seem daunting, many people take advantage of their medical trip by making it a holiday. The UK offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities and quality hotels for your stay, ensuring that you get a restful recovery without compromising on unique experiences.


If you would like to know more, please get in touch, and we can give you more specific information such as cost, timelines to recovery and arrange a video consultation with our expert plastic surgeons. 

Types of Facial Plastic Surgical Procedures that Kensington Medical provides in the UK


A facelift is an operation to reposition underlying muscle and fat and remove excess skin from your face and neck. The aim is to tighten the skin and create a smoother appearance, creating a more youthful look.

These procedures create a smoother and more youthful look, restoring confidence and allowing patients to see natural-looking results.

Neck Lift

A neck lift surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that can remove excess fat and tighten loose skin and muscles in the neck. Depending on the desired results, our facial plastic surgeon may also suggest liposuction to improve the neck's appearance.

Fat Removal to the Neck

Neck liposuction involves using specialised equipment to remove excess fat cells from beneath the surface of your skin for a slim neck profile. We often use this procedure alongside other facial plastic surgeries, such as facelifts or neck lifts, when excess fat affects how these procedures achieve their desired results.


Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery that removes excess skin folds around the eyelids. This can give you a more open-eyed look with fewer wrinkles and bags around your eyes. It can also help with vision problems caused by droopy upper eyelids blocking peripheral vision.

Blepharoplasty can also improve the shape and position of the upper eyelids by making them more symmetrical. This procedure is suitable for all skin types. It requires minimal downtime, resulting in youthful, vibrant eyes with a naturally refreshed look.

Upper Eyelid Lift

An upper eyelid lift involves making small incisions at or above your lash line. This procedure can help remove excess skin for a refreshed look with fewer wrinkles around the eyes. This cosmetic approach can help improve vision issues caused by overhanging upper lids that block part of your view when looking up or down.

The upper eyelid lift surgery can also remove excess fat deposits and any excess skin, restoring the youthful and vibrant appearance of the eyes. This procedure requires minimal downtime so that you can resume your activities, such as low-impact sports, within a week after surgery. Our medical team will advise you.

Brow Lift or temporal lift

A brow lift helps reshape and tighten the forehead to give users a more youthful, alert look. It can reduce wrinkles or hoods around the eyes while lifting the eyebrows into a higher position. By having this surgery, you can expect smoother forehead skin and a more refreshed appearance. Many enjoy long-lasting results and may enhance them further with other procedures like blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

Eye Bag Removal

Eye bag removal is a surgical procedure that erases puffiness and bags under the eyes of the lower eyelid. By removing the extra fat beneath the eye, this procedure can give users a more awake, youthful appearance. It can also help reduce wrinkles around the eyes and create a refreshed-looking appearance. Patients typically experience minimal recovery time with no visible scars and long-lasting results.

Nose reshaping or rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a popular surgical procedure used to reshape and alter the size or structure of the nose. The surgeon trims cartilage, removes bone, and injects filler material to achieve the desired shape and size according to the individual's preferences. Rhinoplasty results can range from subtle changes to dramatic transformations—providing patients with a more symmetrical and balanced facial profile.

Online Video Consultations

When you choose to have your facial plastic surgery abroad, one of the most significant advantages is taking advantage of online video consultations with our experienced surgeons. During these consultations, you can discuss your desired results and ask questions about the procedure to decide what would be best for you. Our highly skilled plastic surgeons are available to answer your questions and provide additional information about the procedure.

FAQs on Facial Plastic Surgical Procedures in the UK

Facial plastic surgery can help improve your overall appearance by enhancing features like your nose, eyes or cheeks to create a more balanced look. It can also help you feel more confident and look more youthful in age-related areas such as forehead wrinkles, sagging jowls, sunken cheeks or loose or sagging necks.

Anyone who wants to access excellent medical care can consider having their procedure done abroad in the UK. Kensington Medical offers outstanding care for international patients who want to use high-quality treatments available overseas.

The time to recover from facial plastic surgery depends on factors such as the patient's general health, type of procedure and aftercare instructions provided by their doctor or medical team. Your plastic surgeon will discuss recovery and timelines and when it is safe to travel.

Careful consideration and proper preoperative planning can minimise the risks associated with facial plastic surgical procedures, regardless of where they are performed. Kensington Medical follows strict safety protocols during operations and post-ops follow-up checkups to ensure safety and quality outcomes for all our patients.

Before we perform any cosmetic procedure, consultations are required first by video and then in person so that our plastic surgeons can assess each patient's needs and desired outcome objectives. During this process at Kensington Medical, you'll receive expert advice regarding different treatment options based on your aesthetic goals.

To arrange a video consultation, contact our team at 0204 551 4892 or complete our online form. We'll help you book a suitable time and date for your consultation. During this session, you can discuss your desired results with our experienced team of surgeons and get answers to questions about the procedure.