15th Apr 2024

Neck lipo, Double Chin Liposuction, Neck Lift: What's the Difference?

There are surgical procedures that focus on the neck, chin, double chin, and neck lift.

Understanding the difference between these procedures helps patients make the right choice when they are thinking about surgery. Here is what you need to know about the terms and procedures.

What is a Necklift?

A neck lift is also sometimes called a cervicoplasty, and it aims to remove excess skin in the front of the neck that can cause sagging or drooping in this area. Sometimes loose tissue around the throat may be removed during this procedure if necessary for tightening the muscles and ligaments of the neck. The goal is to use as few incisions as possible to hide in natural folds or creases in the skin.

What is Neck Liposuction or double chin lipo?

Sometimes fat deposits can accumulate in the front of the neck. This fat called a turkey neck under the chin can be eliminated with suction-assisted lipoplasty. Neck liposuction is also known as double chin liposuction. This is a minor procedure that requires incisions to insert the liposuction cannula where excess fat has accumulated. A small tube attached to the cannula helps remove this fat through these incisions without disrupting surrounding tissue.

What is a Mini Neck Lift Surgery?

Sometimes a neck lift is accompanied by a lower facelift, and this procedure is called a mini-neck and mini-lift. This often includes the removal of fat deposits under the chin, tightening muscles and ligaments in the front of the throat, and removing excess skin from around the jawline to give an improved appearance of the neck. It can give a more youthful appearance. At Kensington Medical our facial plastic surgeons will discuss what you want to achive and may advise on one or a combination procedure. 

These procedures can revitalise the face and neck. Many of our patients describe feeling better about their overall appearance following a neck lift or neck lipo procedure.

What is Chin Liposuction?

Chin liposuction, also called a genioplasty, reshapes the chin by removing excess fat beneath it. This procedure aims to enhance the person's profile or jawline. In some cases, double chin liposuction and neck liposuction may be done together with chin augmentation at the same time for maximum facial enhancement results. These surgeries require an incision in the mouth to get to the area of fatty tissue under the chin.

Another Option: Mini Chin Lift

A mini-chin lift, also called a zygoma lift, can be done with an incision around the mouth or inside it. This surgery aims to give a person a more defined contour of their jawline and cheekbones by creating a slimmer profile appearance by removing excess skin from under the chin.

The Difference Between a Neck, Chin, Double Chin Liposuction and a Neck Lift and Mini-Neck Lift

A neck lift does not usually include liposuction. This procedure addresses excess skin in the front of the neck that causes sagging or drooping. This surgery aims to use the fewest incisions possible so that they are hidden in natural folds or creases in the skin.

Neck liposuction is done to remove fat deposits under the chin. At the same time, a mini-neck lift often includes the removal of fat deposits under this part of the neck, tightening muscles and ligaments in the front of the throat, and removing excess skin from around the jawline.

Double chin liposuction is a smaller procedure that requires incisions to insert the cannula where fat deposits under the chin have accumulated.

Are These Invasive Procedures?

A neck, chin, double chin liposuction, neck lift, and mini-neck lift are day case procedures.

Aftercare for Neck, Chin, Double Chin Liposuction, and a Chin Lift

The level of aftercare will vary depending on which of these procedures are done. For neck liposuction, the patient is encouraged to rest for a few days after surgery before returning to normal activities, especially those that involve strenuous activity or prolonged periods of sitting.

For neck lift and mini-neck lift surgery, a patient may feel some soreness in the neck for a few days after their surgery. They will need to rest and reduce strenuous activity for a few weeks while they heal.

For double chin liposuction, we recommend 3 days of rest and to avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting for a short period.

The chin lift recovery process is like other facial surgeries, the patient will need to rest for a few days after surgery before returning to usual activities. 

Who Are These Procedures Best For?

All of these procedures are good choices for patients looking to reduce the appearance of a double chin or saggy skin under their necks. They can be combined with other facial surgeries. At your Kensington Medical consultation your facial plastic surgeon will discuss what you want to achieve and the best options for you.

A mini-neck lift is suitable for patients with minimal sagging in the front of their neck or excess skin around their jawline. While this surgery can be done alone, it is often combined with other procedures such as a facelift to give people a balanced look.

While double chin liposuction can be done alone, this procedure can be done with other facial surgery to enhance the results. Combining chin liposuction and neck lift if the skin is especially sagging is a popular choice. 

Other Complementary Procedures

Your surgeon might suggest combining your liposuction or neck lift surgery with other options. These include laser skin resurfacing before or after surgery, facelifts to address a patient's skin tone, and eyelid surgery to address excess skin and drooping of the upper eyelids.

If you're considering one of these procedures, it can be challenging to know which is right for your facial shape. Our consultation can help answer any questions you might have about neck liposuction, double chin liposuction, or a mini-neck lift or mini chin lift procedure.

Our plastic surgeons are available and are happy to talk with you about the steps involved, cost, expectations, and recovery. For more information or to schedule a consultation with our cosmetic surgeons, contact Kensington Medical at 0204 551 4892.

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