10th Jul 2024

Sporting Injuries: how to fix a broken nose with rhinoplasty

A nose break is a common injury in many contact sports. Although it can be painful, a broken nose or nasal fracture usually heals within a few weeks. However, the damage can sometimes cause long-term problems or require broken nose surgery to correct it. Here, we'll look at the plastic surgery options available to those who have suffered a broken nose through sports activities in the UK.

Kensington Medical plastic and reconstructive surgeons are experts in rhinoplasty following an injury or accident. 

Most Common Sports That Cause a Broken Nose

In most cases, the injury occurs when another player or object hits the nose. A direct hit to the bridge of the nose is often enough to cause the bone to break. All ball sports such as rugby, football, boxing, gymnastics, cricket, basketball, netball, and combat sports such as Judo and kickboxing are all examples of sports that can cause a nose break.

A broken nose can also occur from indirect trauma in a sport. For instance, if you receive a blow to the head during a rugby match, you could fracture your nose. Sometimes, multiple fractures can occur at once. Nose cartilage fractures are also common in contact sports. These usually happen when the force of the impact causes the cartilage in your nose to tear or buckle.

When to See a Plastic Surgeon After a Nose Break

If you suspect that you have broken your nose or have a nose fracture, it's essential to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your doctor will determine whether you have sustained an injury and whether you require rhinoplasty surgery. If your doctor suspects that you have fractured your nose, they may order a CT scan or X-ray to confirm the diagnosis.

The options for treatment will depend on the severity of the injury and your doctor's recommendation. In most cases, broken nose surgery is only required if the bone is displaced or if there is significant damage to the cartilage.

Nose surgery may also be recommended if you have sustained multiple fractures or have a deviated septum. A deviated septum is when the bone and cartilage in your nose are no longer aligned properly. This can cause difficulty breathing and other problems.

Other possible options include preservation rhinoplasty and ultrasonic rhinoplasty. 

It is never too late to see a nose surgoen if you have had a sporting accident or an accident to the nose. At Kensignton Medical we are use to seeing men and women who have broken their nose through sport or a hit to the nose from a car accident or trauma to the nose. There are many options and the most important start is a face to face consultation with one of our experienced nose surgeons to discuss the issues and examine your nose. 

Types of Surgeries Available to Correct a Broken Nose

Two main types of surgeries can correct a broken nose: open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. During open rhinoplasty, our skilled surgeon makes incisions on the inside and outside of your nose so they can directly access your nasal structure. Closed rhinoplasty involves making incisions only on the inside of your nostrils.

The type of surgery right for you will depend on several factors, including the severity of your injury and your surgeon's recommendation. At Kensington Medical we typically use open rhinoplasty for more complex procedures, such as correcting multiple fractures or fixing a deviated septum. Closed rhinoplasty is more common for less complicated operations, such as straightening a bent nose or removing bumps from your bridge.


Most people who have rhinoplasty can return to their normal activities within 2-4 weeks. Athletes with nasal fractures that may occur mid-season are keen to get back to playing sports. Depending on the severity of the fracture, generally, 2 to 4 weeks are advised. It's important to follow our Plastic Surgeons' advice and instructions before returning to any combat sorts or sports such as rugby and football.

No, there will be no visible scars from rhinoplasty. Our surgeon usually makes the incisions for open rhinoplasty inside your nostrils so they won't be visible. For closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes an incision in the skin between your nostrils, so they will be challenging to see.

As with any medical procedure, there are risks associated with rhinoplasty. These include bleeding, infection, and nerve damage. We take every precaution to ensure our patient's safety before, during, and after the procedure. By choosing the world-class surgeons at Kensington Medical, highly trained professionals will supervise your experience.

Our experienced Kensington Medical nose plastic surgeons

A broken nose from sport or a car accident requires an expert and highly experienced nose surgeon. Mr. David Gateley has 30 years’ experience, was head of a plastic surgery unit (St Georges’ Hospital, London) for the NHS specialising in trauma. He is highly experienced with rhinoplasty following a sports accident and has carried out thousands of procedures. To see his nose videos, click here.

Mr Amir Sadri an experienced nasal plastic surgeon works in the well-known Great Ormond St hospital, London for children specialising in highly complicated plastic surgery and nose surgery.

The two cosmetic surgeons have years of experience with sports injuries and fixing broken noses. To find out more please contact us here or phone us on 0204 551 4892.

Nose breaks are one of the most common sports injuries. At Kensington Medical, we specialise in plastic surgery and offer open or closed rhinoplasty for those who have suffered a broken nose. If you suspect that you have a fractured nose, don't hesitate to contact us for an appointment. Our team of experienced cosmetic surgeons can help you restore the appearance and functionality of your nose. Please make an appointment today for a consultation and let us help you get back to your sport.


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