19th Jun 2024

Vertical Restore Facelift UK

There has been much talk about vertical restore facelift and the natural, long-lasting results, avoiding a pulled appearance.

Main points to consider

Kensington Medicals team of expert plastic surgeons are here to help you look and feel refreshed, read on to find out more.

  • The Vertical Restore facelift offers a tailored, natural-looking rejuvenation that focuses on facial contours with lasting results through vertical lifting of deep facial tissues.
  • Incorporating advanced surgical techniques, the Vertical Restore facelift works to minimise scarring.
  • Can last up to 10-15 years but you must follow a healthy lifestyle.

Rejuvenating Beauty: The Vertical Technique that Restores 

A vertical restore facelift procedure, is different to the traditional facelift. It focuses on the natural descent of the brow, midface, jawline, and neck helping to restore the youthful aesthetic shape. The facelift technique, including a lateral brow lift, offers natural looking results.

We find that our patients find they have

  • a new confidence,
  • feeling like they are back to how they feel,
  • often become more outgoing.

What is the Vertical Lift Approach

The restorative facial plastic surgery technique follows the deep plane approach: lifting the facial tissues vertically, not horizontally, to combat the droop.

It helps to avoid the ‘pulled’ appearance. Instead, the deep plane vertical facelift offers a rejuvenation that is both natural-looking and long-lasting.

The vertical facelift targets the deep fascia layer, focusing on the causes of facial sagging, including drooping cheeks, lower face and jowl area, and the neck.

This full rejuvenation involves a repositioning of the deeper tissue and facial muscles creating natural results. The deep plane technique, also known as the deep plane facelift or neck lift, ensures that the results are long lasting, often outlasting those of other facelifts.

This cosmetic surgery lift technique aims to restore rather than alter. It lifts the facial and neck tissues vertically to return them to their youthful positions, aligning with the face’s natural contours and movements. Only a plastic surgeon with years of experience and expertise has this understanding of facial anatomy that can achieve this bespoke facelift surgery.

The Comprehensive Impact on Facial Rejuvenation

The vertical facelift impacts the entire face in a comprehensive manner.

The procedure respects the unique journey of facial ageing, ensuring that the results maintain the individual’s facial shape and structure throughout the ageing process.

The focus is on the underlying facial structure, so this facelift technique ensures that the natural contours and features are not only preserved but also accentuated, providing a youthful appearance.

Tailoring Your Facelift Journey

At Kensington Medical your journey starts with a personalised treatment plan. It begins with a comprehensive assessment in your consultation with your facial plastic surgeon.

They will examine your facial structure both face and neck, your skin quality and facial tissues, creating a unique treatment plan for you. This bespoke approach ensures you have the best facelift techniques for your face.

The Art of Concealing Scars with Precision

The Vertical Restore procedure follows the strategic placement of incisions, typically within the hairline and around the ears. This ensures that visible scarring is minimised, and your natural beauty shines without any signs of surgical intervention. Specialised techniques, such as camouflaging incisions within the tragus cartilage and the posterior ear crease, further minimise scar visibility, ensuring a natural appearance post-surgery.

Compared to a traditional facelift, the Vertical Restore facelifts advanced surgical techniques involve smaller incisions, leading to less visible scarring along the hairline and behind the ears. This meticulous approach to incision placement and wound care exemplifies the procedure’s commitment to a natural and discreet aesthetic outcome, ensuring that any resultant scars blend seamlessly with your natural contours.

The Longevity of Vertical Restore Results

What sets the Vertical Restore facelift apart is the long-lasting results it offers which typically last between 10 to 15 years.

While the Vertical Restore facelift tightens loose skin and muscles with precision, it’s important to note that it does not permanently alter the inherent quality of the skin over the long term, nor does it remove excess skin.

The results are designed to mature gracefully with the patient, maintaining a natural look that continues to reflect their individual beauty for years to come.

Mini Vertical Lift: for those who don't want a full facelift procedure

If you are not yet ready for a full facelift but favour a more subtle enhancement, the mini vertical lift might be for you. This less invasive version of the facelift focuses on the lower portion of the face.

If you are after a younger looking mouth, you might also be interested in a combined lip lift with the mini facelift. This can target moderate sagging. It’s an ideal option for individuals who wish to address the early visible signs of ageing, such as a less defined jawline or the onset of a double chin, without committing to a full facelift.

The mini facelift not only smooths and tightens the facial skin but also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, enhancing facial contours for a natural, youthful look.

A mid-face lift targets the cheek area and sagging mid face helping to contour the mid face and can help with the neck as well.

 Preparing for Your Vertical Restore Procedure

Preparing for a Vertical Restore facelift involves individualised planning such as the following;

  • medical history,
  • lifestyle to aesthetic goals,
  • Dietary regulations,
  • medication adjustments,
  • lifestyle changes.

These factors are all part of the pre-surgery preparation highlighting the importance of both physical and mental readiness for the procedure. Our facelift surgeons like to analyse historical photographs of the patient which helps in understanding their facial patterns. This helps to create a bespoke and individual plan.

Ahead of surgery we take medical history to ensure there are no risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking, and the use of certain medications.

Recovery and Aftercare

Post operative care after a facelift involves carefully managing the healing process. We focus on fully informing our patients of what to expect :

  1. First week: Its normal to have swelling and bruising as part of the initial recovery.
  2. We provide pain management tips and prescribed medications to reduce any discomfort and to help support the healing process.
  3. We keep a close eye on post-operative wound care. This helps to reducing scarring. We prefer you stay clear of direct sunlight and sun cream in the initial stages.
  4. Week two to four: the healing progresses, swelling reduces, results are clearly visible and patients can slowly start to resume normal activities after the first month. Focus on skincare is highly important.
  5. Post operative appointments with our plastic surgeon are booked. This is to ensure the recovery process is going well. Stitches are removed in one of the post operative appointments.

For all facial surgery which also include neck lifts, facial fat transfer or fat grafting or eyelid surgery we advise our patients to focus on a healthy lifestyle, which includes taking care to have:

  • healthy nutrition full of wholefoods and avoiding processed foods,
  • good hydration, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol initially,
  • rest, sleeping with your head elevated,
  • having friends or family to lend some support.

This ensures a smooth recovery.

Addressing Risks and Managing Expectations

Managing risks and ensuring the patient has realistic expectations are crucial in any cosmetic surgery procedure.

If the patient is combining neck lift surgery with facelift surgery as part of the facial rejuvenation treatment plan the same risks will be discussed.

Feeling great: patient confidence and delight

We see remarkable changes in patients who embrace their refreshed natural looking facelift. A big boost in confidence and often change in outlook on life.

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A Vertical Restore facelift UK offers amazing facial rejuvenation and natural-looking results. At Kensington Medical our expert facial surgeons are here to help you achieve your aesthetic transformation. Find out if you are suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Vertical Restore facelift differs from traditional facelifts by using a vertical lift approach that targets the deep fascia layer of the face, providing more natural and long-lasting results. It focuses the face and neck by lifting sagging facial and neck tissues vertically, rather than the often horizontal pull of traditional facelifts. Find out what facelift is best for you by contacting us today.

Vertical Restore technique generally lasts around 10 to 15 years, thanks to the deep plane facelift approach that targets the underlying causes of visible signs of facial ageing.

There will be minimal visible scarring as the incisions are strategically placed within the hairline and around the ears, which helps to minimise their appearance. Specialised techniques are used to conceal these incisions, resulting in scars that are typically not noticeable.

A VR facelift can also include other procedures such as an upper and lower blepharoplasty, facial fat transfer and even a lip lift. Give is a call to find out more.

Yes, the mini vertical lift is a less invasive option for individuals with moderate sagging and milder signs of ageing. It focuses on the lower part of the face. It is idea for early measures against ageing or for those wanting a subtle result with less downtime.