Your Journey

Thank you for visiting our Kensington Medical website. We are a small team of passionate cosmetic surgery specialists with a combined experience of over 85 years. 

If you have been thinking about a procedure for some time, we understand that this can be a big step for you. Our mission is to guide you through your exciting treatment journey with Kensington Medical, ensuring that you know what to expect and above all feel comfortable and confident. Take a look at the main steps from initial enquiry to post-operative care. 

If you would like to get in touch and have a chat, leave us a message here, and one of our dedicated patient care team will get straight back to you. 

Take the first step, have a chat with your dedicated patient adviser 

Whether you contact us by telephone on 0204 551 4892 or fill out a patient enquiry form, our first step will be to assign to you a dedicated patient adviser. They will answer your general questions about your treatment of interest, Kensington Medical, our facial plastic surgeons, specialised cosmetic hospitals and any other questions you might have.

If, following that discussion, you would like to meet one of our plastic surgeons or medical professionals, your patient care team adviser will help you arrange a suitable appointment.

Your patient carew team adviser will remain your primary contact throughout your entire journey with Kensington Medical.

Meeting your surgeon several times gives peace of mind

Meeting your cosmetic surgeon is a critical step in your journey. We offer consultations in Central London locations (Harley Street, Devonshire Place, Sloane Street) as well as South West London (Wimbledon, Kingston). The consultation process at Kensington Medical comprises several meetings with your surgeon, both in person and via video link. 

Typically, the first meeting is a face-to-face consultation. At that meeting:

  • You and your facial surgeon will explore the best treatment options for you based on your expectations for the procedure;
  • Your surgeon will examine you and draw pre-operative diagrams to illustrate the treatment options;
  • They will take photographs of your face;
  • Then they will show you examples of before and after photographs of their work;
  • Together, you will discuss the stages of your journey and a possible treatment plan;
  • You will be given full information on your treatment of interest, including the main benefits, the risks involved, the general pre- and post-operative protocols and the recovery time.

Often, patients have questions following the first consultation. This is why at Kensington Medical, we facilitate and indeed encourage further contact with your surgeon to ensure you feel completely comfortable with them. This further meeting can be either in person or via a video call.

“I was so pleased I could have a further chat with my plastic surgeon, I knew I’d made the right choice and couldn’t be happier”. Sarah 

Once your questions have been answered and you and your surgeon have finalised your treatment plan, your surgeon will write to you to confirm the treatment plan and the total procedure cost.

Preparing yourself for the operation 


At Kensington Medical, we know that the best surgical outcomes are obtained when patients prepare themselves well in advance of the operation. At each stage of your journey, we will remind you of the essential preparations you need to make.

These recommendations will include how you should look after your skin in the run up to your procedure. This may cover advice on what topical cosmetics you should use. In addition, the team at Kensington Medical will make lifestyle suggestions around diet, vitamins and minerals, sun exposure, smoking and alcohol consumption.

Pre-operative appointment with your nurse

To ensure a smooth, safe and successful patient experience, you will meet with our pre-operative nurse, who will discuss your medical history. Your nurse will measure your height, weight and blood pressure and will communicate this information to your surgical team (surgeon and anaesthetist). Depending on the procedure, your nurse may also take your blood to perform further tests such as MRSA and full blood count. These tests ensure that your journey is smooth and positive.

Planning your operation


Your patient adviser will work with you to book an operation on a date and at a hospital that are convenient to you. Please visit our hospital page to see the available options. Information will be sent to you with specific guidance on the pre-operative and post-operative care you should follow. This will cover diet, washing, medication, hydration, etc. At that stage, your patient adviser will also book you in for your post-operative appointments.

You will need to make arrangements with a friend or a family member, who will act as a chaperone to take you home after the operation and stay by your side for 24 hours afterwards.

48 hours before your operation, your patient adviser will contact you to cover the information that was sent and to confirm the exact time of your admission into hospital on the day of your operation.

Your operation


On the day of your operation, you should arrive one hour before the procedure. If your operation involves sedation or a general anaesthesia, you will meet your anaesthetist, who will have reviewed all your medical information before the surgery and who will check your blood pressure again.

Then you will be off to see your surgeon, who can answer any further questions you may have, take your formal consent to undergo surgery and prepare you for your operation.

The anaesthetic we use is TIVA (Total Intra Venous Anaesthesia), which reduces the risk of post-operative nausea and allows for a swifter recovery than conventional general anaesthesia.

Following your operation, our team will keep you under observation until you are ready to be discharged and continue your recovery at home with your chaperone.  

Your post-operative care

The care you take following your procedure is essential to the success of the operation itself. Your patient adviser will have already given you information on the post-operative care you should follow. This information will have been discussed on the day of your operation by your surgical team.

By the date of your surgery, your patient adviser will have booked a series of post-operative appointments with the Kensington Medical Team:

- The first day after your operation, you will speak with the nurse to check on your progress, ensure that you are following the post-operative care and make any amendments to your post-operative care plan.

- The nurse will be available at all times 24/7 to take your calls if you have questions or if you feel you need care.

- You will then meet your surgeon up to three times post-operatively (1 week, 2 weeks and 6 weeks) for them to review your progress, take post-operative photographs and when they are satisfied, discharge you from their care.

At Kensington Medical we focus only on the face. All of our expert plastic surgeons and Kensington Medical team will ensure your journey will be an exciting one.

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