Neck & Chin Liposuction

Most people think about losing inches off their torso when they hear the term liposuction. However, the surgery also applies to the chin, jaw and neck area and will help thin your face's appearance. In fact, many feel double chin liposuction can take years off their face and give the overall appearance of looking slimmer.

With age, excess fat and skin sometimes accumulate on the chin and neck, creating a double chin or fat neck appearance. Neck fat removal or turkey neck removal and chin fat removal are performed highly effectively with micro liposuction, a minimally invasive procedure. The procedure lasts less than an hour and is performed on a day-case basis. Micro liposuction involves a small tube with a suction device at one end, gently removing fatty deposits by creating tiny incisions.

The micro liposuction treatment is the same as traditional liposuction but involves smaller incisions, which are about three to five millimetres in length, resulting in minimal scarring.

A neck and chin liposuction is a procedure that helps remove excess fat from the chin and jawline areas.

At Kensington Medcial we perform the procedure under local anaesthesia. The benefit, it does not require extensive downtime. If you have been noticing a double chin or jowls, liposuction of the neck and jawline, or chin lipo, is an excellent option to consider.

At Kensington Medical our team of expert facial plastic surgeons are here to help.


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Neck & Chin Liposuction - Key Information

Procedure length

45m to 75m


Mostly local anaesthesia

Hospital stay

Day care

Up & mobile

Same day

Sleeping position

On your back for around 2 weeks


1 week

Sexual activity

1 week

Back to work

1 week


2 to 3 weeks

What is Micro Neck and Chin Liposuction?

A micro neck and chin liposuction is a procedure that is similar but less invasive than traditional liposuction and vaser chin liposuction. It helps remove excess fat from the chin and jawline areas, and it requires less downtime.

A micro neck and chin lipo can help you diminish the signs of ageing and remove excess fat from your neck, chin, and jawline.

The procedure is minimally invasive and involves a small tube with a suction device.

Neck & Chin Liposuction Before & After Images

Neck fat removal or turkey neck removal and chin fat removal are performed highly effectively with micro liposuction, a minimally invasive procedure.

Your Journey with Kensington Medical

Our experienced team of Kensington Medical surgeons offer customised care and an individual approach to ensure you get the best results from your neck & chin liposuction procedure. We are hear to help. 

Everything starts with a discussion between you and your surgeon: this is the pre-operative consultation, which is critical to the success of the operation. At Kensington Medical, we believe patients should get all the information they need before deciding whether to proceed with surgery. This is why patients who are considering an operation meet with the surgeon at least twice, sometimes more. This allows patients to fully explain to the surgeon what they want to achieve with surgery, ask questions and voice any concerns they may have.

The initial consultation usually takes place in person:

  • You will explain to the surgeon what your expectations are;
  • The surgeon will examine you;
  • You will be shown before-and-after photographs of their work;
  • They will lay out treatment options.

After the initial consultation:

  • The surgeon will summarise the consultation in a letter to you;
  • We will send you a quotation based on the treatment plan recommended by the surgeon;
  • We will also send you comprehensive information about the treatment, the risks it presents and the steps you should take before and after the operation in order to ensure a good outcome.

The second consultation can be face-to-face or via video call. Its purpose is as follows:

  • You will have many more questions that you did not think to ask at the initial consultation;
  • The surgeon may have given you a number of options and will need to know which one you would like to go ahead with;
  • The surgeon will want to ensure that you have fully understood the risks involved with the surgery and what to expect in terms of outcome.

Of course, if you have further questions after the two consultations, additional consultations can be arranged, and the team at Kensington Medical is also available to help.

Once you have decided to proceed with surgery, we will schedule your procedure at one of our hospitals specialising in cosmetic surgery.

You will receive pre-operative instructions from us. In particular:

  • As smoking increases the risk of complications during the healing process, it is preferable that you should give it up for a few weeks pre-operatively.
  • Ten days before your treatment, you should abstain from taking any blood-thinning medications (such as aspirin).

You should arrive at least one hour before the time of your procedure.

Liposuction or submental liposuction to the chin is performed by inserting a cannula (a small tube) in different areas of the chin and applying gentle suction to aspirate the adipose tissues out. The amount of fat removed in the neck and chin area is usually quite small.

Our surgeons generally perform this type of operation on a day-case basis, which means you go home on the day of the operation. Of course, if you prefer to stay overnight in hospital, this can be arranged.

We typically perform this procedure under local anaesthesia. It lasts 40 minutes to 60 minutes.

In order to get the best results from submental liposuction for double chin removal, the quality of aftercare is crucial.

You will spend a brief amount of time in the operating room (or recovery room) following your procedure. You will leave the hospital with a friend or a family member after the nursing staff is confident that you are fit to return home. It is preferable that you plan for someone to spend the first night after surgery with you at home. Although post-operative discomfort is typically minimal, you will be given painkillers just in case.

Once you have been discharged from the hospital, our nursing team will be available 24/7 to ensure your post-operative journey is comfortable and pain-free and to field any questions you may have.

You will be required to wear a compression garment around your head after the operation. This is because liposuction is in effect creating a honeycomb inside the skin, which the garment is compressing and pushing on, in order to facilitate skin retraction following the procedure. The garment must be worn all day, every day, for the first week and then at night for the next three months.

Your surgeon will see you a number of times in the weeks following your operation to monitor the facial skin and scars and to support you:

  • On the next day, the surgeon will check the wounds and dressings.
  • One week post-operatively, there will be another consultation and depending on your healing progress, the surgeon may decide to remove sutures then.
  • You will see the surgeon again two weeks post-operatively, at which stage all remaining sutures will be removed and your progress, monitored.
  • The last post-operative consultation is at six weeks. Generally, you will be discharged from the care of the surgeon at that stage.

Bruising and swelling can last up to one month following this surgery.

Following your operation, our medical staff will provide you with specific aftercare recommendations, including when it is safe for you to resume daily activities such as washing, exercising, putting on makeup, driving, carrying heavy loads, travelling, etc. In order to minimise the likelihood of a post-operative complication, it is crucial that you carefully follow these directions.

Because exposure to the sun can result in scars, discolouration, and other undesirable side effects, protecting your face from the sun is vital. When outdoors, wear hats, and use umbrellas and sunscreen. It would also be preferable to refrain from strenuous exercise or activities involving significant facial movements until our medical staff at Kensington Medical have given you the all-clear.

The outcome of your chin liposuction will be optimised if you adhere to the advice of our medical staff and adopt measures to protect your face. A healthy lifestyle is also important, including good sleep, a balanced diet and plenty of fluid. This will facilitate your recovery and perpetuate the results of your surgery. It is advised to abstain from smoking and drinking both before and throughout the healing process.

What are the Advantages of a Traditional Neck and Chin Liposuction?

A traditional neck and chin liposuction can reduce large amounts of excess fat in the jawline, neck, sides of the neck, and under the chin. This treatment is an excellent way to reduce fat after weight loss, and the procedure can also be done with a neck lift if need be.

The surgeon uses local anaesthesia, so the patient experiences little discomfort, and it is a daycase procedure.

What Are The Advantages Of Micro Neck And Double Chin Liposuction?

The micro liposuction preserves the tissue in the face. During traditional liposuction, the fat is sucked out with pumps and tubes, and these destroy tiny blood vessels called capillaries which make the skin red for a few days. But when liposuction uses micro-incisions, the fat cells come out without damaging blood vessels.

Another benefit of micro liposuction over the traditional is that there is less bleeding and bruising. Along with this, the surgeon only uses local anaesthesia. There may be some swelling, but this should go away within four to seven days.

Many patients may be concerned that they will experience adverse side effects after micro liposuction, such as scarring. But this is minimally invasive since the small incisions made during the procedure heal quickly.

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How Long Will The Benefits Of These Procedures Last?

The benefits of these procedures will last if the patient follows a healthy lifestyle. Neck and chin liposuction is a popular procedure for those at their ideal weight but may want to reduce some fat deposits in their neck and chin areas. Most patients see excellent results for seven to ten years or more, depending on how well they maintain their health.

Micro neck and chin lipo in London can be helpful for those wishing to address ageing issues and those who are interested in a neck lift or combined facelift. These procedures will not help you avoid gaining weight, and the excess facial fat will come back if the patient gains any weight after liposuction. Like traditional surgery, the results are permanent and should last seven to ten years at a minimum when the patient leads a healthy lifestyle.

What Is The Recovery Time From This Treatment?

After a micro neck and chin liposuction, the patient will experience swelling and bruising, which will go away within one to two weeks. The patient can return to their normal daily activities once the double chin procedure is done.  We advise to avoid strenuous activities and workouts for a few weeks. This will help the healing process and may reduce swelling and bruising.

Most people return to normal daily activities after several days, except for heavy duty work or strenuous fitness routines.

Frequently asked questions

Where are chin liposuction scars and neck liposuction scars located?

A neck and chin liposuction with a traditional incision is usually done with a small incision on the sides of the neck. The incisions are made in the natural folds under the chin.

These types of chin lipo scars usually fade over time but might be noticeable to those who are very close to you. The traditional neck and chin liposuction procedure often leads to bruising, typically lasting ten days, and patients can experience minimal bleeding.

The micro neck and chin liposuction procedure uses a tiny incision made in a natural fold under the chin. This type of chin lipo scar is considered less visible than other procedures because it's near the jawline, a natural part of the face. The micro-incision also reduces swelling, bruising, and bleeding during the procedure.

Book a consultation with Kensington Medical today to learn more about how neck and chin liposuction or micro neck and chin liposuction can reduce a double chin or fat neck and improve your confidence and enhance your appearance. We are here to help and our facial plastic surgeons are experts in this procedure.

It isn't easy to estimate how soon you will see results, but it is a permanent improvement. You should start to see an improvement after two weeks. In consultation with our plastic surgeons they will discuss recovery and timelines. To find out more and to see if you are suitable get intouch to book a consultation. 

Your Kensington Medical cosmetic surgeon might suggest combining treatments such as a

Neck lift : a neck lift may be suggested if you have an excess of loose skin. 

A lower facelift or jowl lift: a combined facelft and chin lipo procedure is easily achieved in a one day procedure. It can completely transform a face that has excessive jowling and a thick neck, heavy jawline.

Other options can include eyelid surgery, or fat grafting for loss of volume in the face.


At Kensington Medical, our chin, jawline and neck liposuction cost in London, UK starts from £2,550. Our expert plastic surgeons have many years’ experience in double chin removal and neck lipo or mini lipo. This procedure is highly specialised and requires expert follow ups and advice to ensure you get the best neck liposuction results.

Following the operation, you will need to wear a compression garment for one week, day and night and then at night for the next three months. Our patients are delighted with the results and general feedback is that the downtime is worth it. You will leave having a good understanding of the process and the timeline to when you will be looking and feeling great.

Before your neck and liposuction for double chin treatment, you will need to let the surgeon know of any medications you are currently taking or any medical conditions. The team will thoroughly review your health history to ensure you're a good candidate for the procedure.

They will also ask any questions regarding your desired outcome. During this time, make sure to ask the surgical team any questions you have regarding the procedure, recovery, and results.

The team will also provide you with a clear list of instructions on preparing for your surgery, what medications or activities to avoid before the procedure, and schedule your first follow-up appointment.

Mico neck and chin liposuction can be an excellent solution for men or women looking to remove excess fat from the neck and chin or double chin removal. Our expert plastic surgeons will discuss the best options for you. Book a consultation to find out if you are suitable. 

Neck & Chin Liposuction Surgeons

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The next step to a refreshed you

At Kensington Medical, the journey to a fresher you is smooth and exciting. The starting point of this process is a neck or chin liposuction consultation with your facelift or neck lift surgeon. 

During the face-to-face consultation, your plastic surgeon will discuss facial structure and skin and muscle laxity factors. Photos of you when you were younger are essential at this stage. You'll be able to see our double chin liposuction before and after photos so that we can create a plan for achieving your goals together. 

If you're having multiple procedures done at once, these plans will combine all aspects into one personalised program.

To find out more please fill in the contact us form or call us. We'd be delighted to help. We have consultations in our Harley street, London, UK or Wimbeldon clinics. 

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