Split Earlobe Repair

An ear lobe tear can happen by wearing heavy earrings, having multiple piercings, sometimes small children pulling an earlobe or an earring catching on something. Split earlobe repair surgery or stretched earlobe repair will close the break, eliminating any pain or discomfort that the earlobes may cause. Fixing this condition takes less than an hour and only requires a local anaesthesic. Ears can be re-pieced following a recovery period. 

What is a split earlobe procedure?

A split earlobe procedure is a surgical repair of a torn earlobe. This minor operation involves sewing together the split in the lobe so it will heal properly and cause no discomfort afterwards. It is a quick and easy way to fix an earlobe that will not heal on its own and eliminate the pain and discomfort of a split earlobe. 

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Split Earlobe Repair - Key Information

Procedure length



Local anaesthesia

Hospital stay

Day care - walk-in / walk-out

Up & mobile


Sleeping position

No restriction


Same day

Sexual activity

No restriction

Back to work

Same day


2-3 days

What can split earlobe surgery achieve?

This procedure will allow you to repair the damage from torn ear lobes and it prevents the tear from reopening. The treatment also stops it from splitting further, which can be painful and can lead to an infection.

How is a split earlobe performed?

Our plastic surgeons perform a split earlobe procedure under local anaesthesia. The patient won’t feel any pain from the surgery. The surgeon stitches together the split in the earlobe. This step creates a layer of tissue that grows together and completely heals the earlobe with little no scar. Once recovered the earlobe can be repierced. 

Who is a suitable candidate for this procedure?

Anyone with a split lobe is a suitable candidate for this procedure. A tear can happen naturally, or it may be because of wearing heavy earrings. However, the split will not heal on its own, and repair is necessary. This treatment can also repair a piercing that did not heal properly or is causing discomfort. Patients who have had multiple ear piercings may no longer like the appearance anymore and want to close the holes. 

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Frequently asked questions

The NHS will not fix a split earlobe or stretched earlobe. The best option is to book a consultation with a Kensington Medical plastic surgeon who can advise you on the best method to repair a split earlobe or stretched earlobe. Split earlobe repair surgery  is straight forward, it is done under a local anesthetic with no downtime required. The recovery period is fast and you can re-pierce your earlobes in a couple of months post surgery. At Kensington Medical our expert surgeons have completed hundreds of split earlobe repair surgery. It is a minimal procedure that takes about 30 minutes to complete in experienced hands. 

There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. However, these are minimal for the earlobe repair, and these include a loss of sensation in the ear, bleeding, infection, and scarring. Our cosmetic ear surgeon will discuss the risks in your in-clinic consultation. 

This simple day case walk-in walk out procedure takes less than an hour to complete and has minor side effects outside of minor swelling that will subside over a day or so. You can return to work right after.

There should be no scarring from this procedure.

Most patients will notice results immediately after the procedure. There should be no noticeable scarring, and your lobe should look as healthy as before. The split will not re-tear, and discomfort should be minimal.

After a small amount of time if you want to have your ear pierced it should be fine. 

Prices for a split ear lobe or stetched earlobe start from £785.00 which includes the plastic surgeon consultation fee. It is a simple procedure that is carried out with a local anaesthetic. You can be back to wearing earings again in a few months time. We have women and men coming in to see us about earlobe repair or stetched or tribal earlobe repair. The results are quick and the impact can be incredible especially for tribal earlobe repair. 

The best option is to book a surgeon consultation in our Harley street, London or Wimbledon clinic. 

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with detailed preoperative and aftercare information, so you feel confident. If you have any questions, please call us at Kensington Medical.

Split Earlobe Repair Surgeons

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The Kensington Medical team can address any concerns you have about your split earlobe repair. A consultation with your plastic surgeon is where you'll start before moving on to discuss the details of your upcoming procedure.

The split earlobe procedure is a minimally invasive procedure, carried out under a local anaesthetic. You can return to work on the day if need be. Earlobes can be repearced in no time at all. Our plastic surgeons will advise when is the best time.

To find out more or to book a consultation fill in the form or call us. We would be delighted to help. Consultations are available in our Harley street or Wimbledon clinic. 

Medically reviewed by Mr David Gateley MA, FRCS, FRCS (Plast), GMC number 2939470 on 20 August, 2023.