About Kensington Medical

Kensington Medical was born out of a desire to offer a cosmetic surgery service specialising in the face. Using our extensive knowledge of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments, and working closely with patients, we brought together a group of outstanding facial plastic surgeons, nurses and anaesthetics to focus solely on the face. All based in Harley street, London, Wimbledon and Kingston. 

Kensington Medical aims to support patients through their journey to retain their youthful facial features and find solutions to address the effects of ageing on their face. Our guiding principle is our wish to help patients through their cosmetic surgery experience to truly meet their goals and accompany their journey beyond simply booking an appointment and undergoing treatment. This journey can be life-changing, yet taking the steps to contact a clinic and ask for advice is sometimes intimidating. We help breakdown these barriers and offer friendly, professional advice to help you make it happen. 

Our core patient care team have extensive experience in facial rejuvenation, using surgery, fat transfer (also known as fat grafting) and advanced non-surgical treatments involving laser, radiofrequency and ultrasound equipment. Our team are primed to match our patients with the very best facial plastic surgeon for their needs. From the moment you start to consider a facial treatment, our team have you covered. 

Our Vision & Values

In a complex, confusing and sometimes intimidating world, we operate following simple values that can be understood by all, but importantly by you, as our patients and potential patients.


Find out more about our facial surgical and non-surgical skin tightening procedures:

Facelift options include:


Facial cosmetic surgery options include:

Non-surgical option: skin tightening for the face Ultherapy

"Our holistic approach ensures our patient journey and outcomes match your expectations ."

David Gateley, Medical Director and Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Our Specialists

Our team of plastic surgeons are on the GMC specialist register and our RGN nurse have completed thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures and minimally invasive skin tightening and non surgical skin treatments and are all experts in the face. 

Mr David Gateley
Mr David Gateley

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Medical Director

David Gateley is a senior fully accreditated plastic surgeon with over 30 years’ experience in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. He has a keen interest in facial procedures such as facelift, mini facelift, necklift, lower facelift, eyelid surgery, eye bag removal, rhinoplasty, fat transfer to the face and complementary surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation techniques. 

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Mr. Amir Sadri
Mr. Amir Sadri

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Amir Sadri undertook his medical studies at The University of Liverpool. During this time he also gained an honours degree (BSc) in Anatomy. He graduated in 2007 (MB ChB) and continued his surgical training in London to become a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (MRCS) in 2008.

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Mr Paul Tulley
Mr Paul Tulley

Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Paul Tulley is an expert Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic Surgeon practicing at Kensington Medical in Harley Street, London and the Southeast of the UK. His experience in facial plastic surgery encompasses a comprehensive range of cosmetic surgeries, notably facial rejuvenation procedures such as deep plane facelifts, mini facelifts, neck lifts, lip lifts and temple lifts, intricate rhinoplasty, and revision rhinoplasty.

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Sarah Holness
Sarah Holness

Registered nurse

Sarah Holness has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. For the first part of her career, she worked in the operating theatre as Theatre Manager and surgeon’s assistant and acquired a broad range of medical and surgical skills in the process. 15 years ago, she developed an interest in non-surgical aesthetic treatments and trained to become an Independent Nurse Prescriber. As head trainer for the non surgical skin tighening treatment Ultherapy, she brings extensive experience in non invasive brow lifts and facial and neck tighening. 

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Our Clinics

Each patient will have their specific requirements when it comes to the hospital where their surgery will take place. Instead of having one hospital to fit all our patients, we partner with a number of hospitals, each with its own specifications. This enables us to offer a number of possibilities and ensure that we meet your specific requirements in terms of the possibility to stay overnight, the type of anaesthesia, the location and the availability of car parking.

Conveniently placed in the heart of London’s most highly regarded medical district, 152 HARLEY STREET is a centre of medical excellence and one of only a few day-care surgery facilities in the UK who offer major surgical procedures under local anaesthesia with sedation. This means that patients are able to leave shortly after their procedure, but still receive the same thorough and excellent aftercare that they would expect with a GA. 152 Harley Street is also where our specialists conduct most of their consultations and perform their work using high energy devices such as laser, intense pulsed light units, radio frequency units and ultrasound equipment. 152 Harley street is a stones throw away from the upmarket shopping area Marylebone High street and not far from Regents Park.  Read more

The New Victoria Hospital is a private, charity-owned hospital based in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey and is one of the few remaining independent hospitals in the country. It has provided a high level of service to the local community for over sixty years and is frequently ranked by patients as one of the top private hospitals in London. In addition to its operating theatres and recovery suites, the hospital has 19 en-suite bedrooms for patients, whose operation requires an overnight stay, or whose preference it is spend a night in hospital following their surgery.

Excellent standards of patient care, the expertise and compassion of its staff, together with its constant investment in the latest and best equipment enable the hospital to have an uncompromising commitment to its patients’ safety and comfort.

The New Victoria Hospital is located close to the A3, within easy reach of central London and the M25. It is situated in a leafy area, by a gold course, and provides a relaxing backdrop to patients undergoing surgery. It has extensive car parking for patients and their relatives. Read more

The Parkside Private Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in South-West London, located opposite Wimbledon Common and easily accessible from Fulham, Hammersmith, Putney, Chelsea, Richmond and Barnes and the surrounding areas. For over 35 years, the hospital has provided first-class independent healthcare for the local community. It offers patients a peaceful stay in a private en-suite room, high standards of care and a friendly atmosphere.

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. In March 2020, they awarded Parkside Private Hospital an overall rating of ‘Good’.

Parkside enjoys exceptional levels of patient satisfaction and has received numerous awards and accreditations for the quality of its healthcare.

It has extensive car parking for patients and their relatives. Read more